How to deselect in photoshop

Well, if you have a problem with how to deselect in photoshop it’s not a complicated one. It’s so simple just Press Ctrl+D ( Command +D on MAC ) on your keyboard,… or you can select any selection tool on the photoshop tool palette, Like rectangular marquee tool (M – Keyboard short-cut) and click on … Read more

How to flip a layer in photoshop

Need to know how to flip layer in photoshop? How to flip a layer in photoshop? That’s not complicated, have to do a few basic steps. In your photoshop document select the layer that you want to flip on the layer panel window. If you have hidden the Layers panel, click Window at the top … Read more

How to undo in PHOTOSHOP

Adobe Photoshop offers many different ways to reverse actions, undo what you did, reapply effects you used, And we can use diferend methods to reverse our actions on Photoshop. So lets move to methods we can use… You can UNDO your actions by, Use Keyboard short-cut – Press Ctrl+Z (Command+Z on the Mac). OR Using … Read more